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Approved Image Hosts & Banned Hosts
helpHello Friends

my every user very sad with bad image host

i can special requests for every threads poster member do not post any thread with bad image host 

it is very bad for every user , 

many image host 404 not found and image is delete for server

i can request please use good image host to good future 

hope every threads poster member is Don't Ignour this request

I Can Post Hear Approved Image Hosts & Banned Hosts List

and any issues find you please comment hear to solve

Thank You
Cy Team Member (Nepal)
Friends lawson1 thank you but bad image host not allowed hear
Use to good image host to post thread
And invite your good friend to good thread post hear
what is your think
new Bad/Ban Imahe Host Add
dimtus . com
what is your think
new Bad/Ban Image Host Add
dimtus . com
what is your think
mejonnew Bad/Ban Image Host Add
dimtus . com

I highly recommend people to avoid this image host. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that they're just a bunch of scammers.
I used their image hosting service and had affiliate account to get some money by sharing my pictures. As far as I know, I didn't break any of their terms of service and still they deleted ALL my uploaded pictures and suspended my whole account.
That all happened after I did a payment request to get few dollars which I had earned by sharing my pictures via their service.
And all that effort for nothing. I didn't get my money and got suspended.
Never got any warning or contact from them and never got any answers for my E-mails when I contacted their support.
BAD image host and should be banned!

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